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Unmanned Aircraft Flying Above - Drones


This issue focuses on:

  • How unmanned aircraft enables jobs to be done more safely and at a lower cost

  • A House of Lords committee has recommended that a register be created

  • By 2020, the use of drones could become common practice 

  • Insurers have developed coverage solutions specific to unmanned aircraft

  • How to ensure your business is fully protected with the use of unmanned aircraft

To download the full version, click here. 


Crime Within the Construction Industry

Find out about how the Construction Industry is affected by crime. 


Cyber Risks and Liabilities

Be aware of cyber threats and risks. 

smoke-alarm-brcohure (1).jpg

New Regulations on Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Landlords need to be aware of updated regulations that come into force 1st Oct 2015. 

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