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Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

What is Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?

Private Healthcare, or Private Medical Insurance is an insurance plan that typically covers the cost of accessing diagnosis and treatment for eligible conditions in private hospitals or wards, with a choice of specialist.

Buying through your business can make substantial saving on premium, whilst providing you with the opportunity to offer a top class benefit to your employees.



Fast Admissions

The flexibility and freedom to fix appointments and treatment dates - making it easier to fit in to a busy work schedule. There are currently (July 2021) over 5 million patients on the NHS waiting list.

Family Cover

Family cover can vary a lot. Some will offer free cover for new-borns, whilst others also offer extended children’s cover for things like prominent ears and birth marks.

Employee Benefit

PMI is a valued employee benefit and helps attract and retain staff. UK staff are absent from work due to sickness an average of 4.1 per days per annum, which you still need to pay for. PMI helps to reduce these costs.

Prompt Referrals

Quicker access to leading consultants, should you need further treatment.

Digital GP Services

Swift Access to GP Video Consultation 24/7.


Discounts to gym memberships, shops and healthy living tech to all members of policy.

Overseas Treatments

If you prefer to be treated overseas, this can be agreed up to the cost that treatment would be in UK.

Private Hospitals

A more relaxed, quieter, and private environment to be treated, including single occupancy rooms and en-suites.

Access to Drugs

Many health insurers provide access to drugs that aren’t available to NHS patients due to the high costs.


Employee Mental Health

As we remain in the pandemic crisis the pressure on NHS is overwhelming, the current waiting list for surgery is estimated at 5.5 million so there has never been a more valuable time to consider Private Health Care.


The full magnitude of the pandemic’s effect on the mental health of employees will only be witnessed when they start returning to work. “Employers will be called upon to provide help for the mental wellbeing of their staff, and they’ll be looking to see what’s available.”

Are you prepared for this?

Our Providers

  • Market leading providers

  • All of our providers are DEFAQTO 5 Star Rated and Between them have 65% of the market

  • Wide range of hospital lists

  • Peace of mind with an insurer you can trust

  • We will approach all three markets for quotes to give you a fair and comparable quote for your needs


Tailor Your Plan

All our policies have a core cover which can be enhanced depending on your needs:

  • Out Patient Cover Limits

  • Therapies Cover

  • Mental Health Cover

  • Dental & Optical

  • Travel Cover

You can tailor your plan further by the following:

  • Hospital List Selection

  • Consult & Select

  • Policy Excess

  • Underwriting Type

Our Specialist

Speak to our specialists’ team and we will help and guide you to pick a plan that suits your budget and your needs.

Barry Langford
Direct: 020 8208 7091
Tel: 020 8450 5336

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