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It is our aim to provide our clients with the very best service and this is never more important than at the time of a claim.

We would ask any client who needs to submit a claim to contact us immediately. We will provide you with guidance on how best to present the claim to your insurers and what information they may need. We will also give you advice on what action you need to take following the loss.

It will be our objective to make sure that the claim is dealt with efficiently and we will liaise with your insurer, loss adjuster or any other parties involved in the claim, with the view of securing a quick and satisfactory settlement.

Claims Service

Our in-house claims service is the backbone of our proposition. Whether you are at the mercy of a major disaster or facing the inconvenience of a small claim, our professional, efficient and timely support will be there to help you when you need it most.

Help & support when you need it most

As an Independent Insurance Broker, we boast an experienced and hands on claims teams, ensuring that in the event of a loss, your business is back up and running as soon as possible and that all claims, no matter how big or small, are dealt with swiftly and efficiently with the least possible disruption. 

For claims over £10,000

In the event of a major loss, it can be advantageous to utilise a Loss Assessor, acting for you, particularly in Business Interruption claims, which can be time consuming and complex. We have a relationship with Thompson & Bryan [UK] Ltd - They are a leading firm of Loss Assessors and provide a 24hr emergency support line and technical expertise in Material Damage and Business Interruption claims. They provide national coverage and have experienced and technically qualified staff, including Chartered Loss Adjusters to work on your behalf. Thompson & Bryan are regulated by the FCA and will discuss their fees with you, on a case by case basis.

As your insurance broker we will always be there to help and assist during these difficult times, but the additional technical expertise and claims efficiency our partners Thompson & Bryan bring is of massive value to you.

  • During working hours, please call us on 020 8450 5336, for advice and assistance.

  • Thompson & Bryan have a 24hr helpline, call 0844 409 8780 for claims over £10,000. 


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