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Latent Defects Insurance


Following completion and handover of completed buildings or units, defects can arise during the life of a building in the structural frame, cladding, foundations or other components.

This type of insurance provides cover for the cost of repairing a property should an inherent defect cause damage or threaten imminent damage. 

It also offers a long-term protection of the investment in a new building project which cannot be cancelled by insurers and payment of claims on the basis of damage having occurred, giving faster settlement than if legal liability has to be proved.

Extended cover can include indexation for inflation, defective waterproofing and underground seepage, loss of income, removal expenses, additional costs incurred in occupying alternative premises, and cover for non-structural components, such as mechanical and electrical installations.

We have access to the leading markets for this type of insurance, including Premier Guarantee, Checkmate, Building and Land, and are able to source a policy that suits your requirements.

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