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Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings: An old fashioned building with a reddish exterior.

Insurance cover for all Grades of listed buildings. 

A listed building is a structure that has been judged to be of national importance because of its architectural or historical influence. Because of this, they are added to a register that ensures the building, both its interior and exterior, is protected.  

Listed buildings are considered to be a higher risk. This can make insuring such buildings more difficult and more expensive. At Turner Rawlinson, we insure all Grades of listed buildings, whether yours is a Grade I, II or II*. 

Facing their own set of unique risks, such as erosion of brickwork and the risk of collapsing, we understand that a special level of cover is required to protect your listed building. With us, the cost of repairing your building with traditional materials will be covered should it face any damage. Our insurance policy will protect you from theft, fire, water damage, accidental damage and legal expenses.  

After valuing the property and its contents, our team will tailor a policy to fit your requirements.