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The figures prove it - our clients keep coming back!

August 2021

Satisfied customers who keep coming back means we’re getting things right and delivering exceptional products, value and service. Just one look at our retention rates since the beginning of 2021 reveals that exact scenario. Our renewal retention figures are outstanding, averaging at 94.5%, and in May of this year, we even achieved 100%.

It’s gratifying to know that the hard work and effort of our team is really paying off, with so many of our clients choosing to remain with us and renew their insurance through Turner Rawlinson. It signifies that our clients trust us, rely on us and value our expertise, choosing to remain with us to look after their insurance requirements year on year. Certainly, such high renewal retention rates are testament to the service we provide, our knowledge of the insurance industry and overall professionalism and efficiency in providing a quick response, attention to detail and high level of cover. If you’d like a breakdown of the average, our figures are as follows: Jan 95.91%, Feb 85.36%, March 93.33%, April 94.74%, May 100%, June 97.96% and July 94.23%. By anyone’s standards, they are impressive and we are delighted to see a consistent picture emerging.

These figures also reveal that clients are happy for Turner Rawlinson to remain with them along the journey. Over time, we’re able to build up a picture of your business or personal requirements, adapting cover to meet your evolving needs as you grow or your lifestyle changes.

Having been established for over 40 years, we’re around for the long haul, which means you can rely on us to be there every step of the way - arranging cover, advising on your circumstances, assisting with claims and generally protecting your interests today and into the future.

If you’d like us to take an independent, fresh look at your individual insurance requirements, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise. Either call us on 020 8450 5336 or email us at:


020 8450 5336

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