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Rama celebrates 25 years of service

April 2020

Something to celebrate at Turner Rawlinson as the firm’s longest serving member of staff, Operations Manager, Rama Ford, achieves 25 years of service. Rama joined the company on 3rd April 1995 and the letter offering her the position is still in the file. Since that time, she has proved invaluable, not only as an Operations Manager, but also as friend, confidante, PA and general ‘mother hen’ to all the staff.

Managing Director, Tony Ward, says: “Every business need’s someone like Rama. She is a massive asset to our company and, quite simply, we couldn’t operate without her. She has consistently delivered over and above requirements since the day she joined us and has contributed significantly to all aspects of our business, whether managing clients or managing us! A big thank you, Rama, from all of us.”

It could have all gone so differently, however, as her first day wasn’t the best. Having got through the ordeal of spending the first day at a new company, Rama left the office to find her car had disappeared. She rushed back into the building, announcing that her car had been stolen. Unbeknown to her, she had inadvertently encroached in a doctor’s parking space and, as a result, her car had been towed away! So, it proved to be a somewhat dramatic and expensive start to the company, that thankfully soon got better, although she’s careful how she parks ever since!

As Operations Manager, Rama’s role is to ensure processes and operations run smoothly, which involves managing the client portfolio, accounts, compliance and regulatory reporting. In real terms, it means her role is extensive and varied, requiring her to constantly evolve, work under pressure and rise to the challenge. Always cool in a crisis, she ensures the smooth-running of the company to the benefit of both colleagues and clients, an achievement she attributes to her robust work ethic, strong communications skills and ability to work collaboratively. As her colleagues acknowledge, it’s also down to her attention to detail, total commitment and desire to always go the extra mile, whatever the requirement.

As a surprise and a measure of the esteem in which the company hold her, Tony Ward will be presenting a “special gift” for Rama – hush, hush. He comments: “Short of the Crown Jewels, there is nothing I can really do to reward such excellent service but I hope she likes this token of my gratitude and it is well deserved for all the long hours and hard work she has given us over the last twenty-five years.”

This is not Turner Rawlinson’s only celebration. The company is also celebrating 40 years in business, having first started trading in November 1980. With two such massive milestones in the company’s history, 2020 is certainly a momentous year and the staff would like to say a huge thank you to both Clients and Insurer Partners for their business, loyalty and support over the years. Watch out for further news as the company approaches its 40th birthday.


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