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Protecting Your Business Against Cyber-attacks

July 2017

There are many forms of cyber-attacks that can have damaging effects on your business and its reputation, such as Malware, Phishing, DoS, credential reuse and much more.

In May 2017, “WannaCry” ransomware reportedly hit over 200,000 computers in 150 countries, causing havoc and disruption to many NHS systems in the UK, demanding payment to regain access to vital medical records.

Many companies are exposed to cyber risks, especially e-commerce sites, those who rely on online data systems and those who use online payment systems. However, any company that is reliant on computer networks, digital information or the internet are exposed to threats. Although ransom demands are often small, the interruption to business can produce sizable losses.

As your insurance broker, we can help protect your business vulnerability to cyber threats by arranging cover against a wide range of risks, including Business Interruption, theft of online data or property, loss of income, damage management, recovery and repair to corrupted or lost files, reputational damage and more.


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