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Getting to know Tony Ward, our Managing Director

August 2019

As our Managing Director, Tony’s passionate and encouraging leadership style has shaped the personable services that we offer to our clients. We recently caught up with Tony to find out more about his approach, Turner Rawlinson’s culture and what clients can expect to see in the future.

What first attracted you to Turner Rawlinson as a company?

I liked it so much I bought it (with a partner) in 1992, which was a huge step for us at the time!

As Turner Rawlinson’s Managing Director, what does your role involve?

I run my own small group of top clients and I drive and oversee the business alongside our excellent management team with regards to compliance, service quality, sales, marketing, insurer relationships and team performance. I also personally head-up our Willis Towers Watson Networks partnership agreement, which we wholeheartedly support and engage with.

What key skills do you bring to your role?

I bring vast experience, ageless drive and enthusiasm and technical expertise in the management of risk. I also have significant insurer and product knowledge and place a real importance on building and maintaining long-term relationships.

What can clients expect to see from Turner Rawlinson over the next year?

There will be continued alignment with insurer and underwriting partners who are looking to offer the best coverage, support and value for money. We will be looking to expand our staff, ensuring our services remain personable and bespoke to each client’s needs. There will be ongoing technical support and expertise ‘beyond the norm’, especially through risk/exposure advice and gap analysis market awareness. Our clients will also be hearing from us more frequently via digital marketing on topics that are relevant to them, including important market information.

How would you describe the culture at Turner Rawlinson?

I’d describe our culture as excellent and embracing; our team are highly focused, ambitious and knowledgeable, so their ideas and input are encouraged as they help to shape our services.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the wellbeing and success of our clients’ businesses and professionalism, both within our business and the wider insurance industry. Another passion is to ensure that we remain a UK top 450 broker, and this ambition is shared by our entire team.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

Caring for my large family (old and young), following and watching football (I’m an Arsenal fan) and enjoying fine food and wine when I can with a bit of travel thrown in. Time is precious - I just don’t have enough of it!

What do you enjoy most about your job role?

The constant new challenges and always learning something new each day. I also enjoy the strong relationships that I’ve built with clients and colleagues and dealing with a variety of trades and professions.


020 8450 5336

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