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Getting to know Rama Ford, our Operations Manager

November 2019

With strong interpersonal skills and a passion for ensuring our clients’ needs are continually being met, Rama plays an instrumental role in helping us to remain at the forefront of industry developments. We recently sat down with Rama to find out more about her approach to delivering seamless client services and how her role has grown within Turner Rawlinson.

What first attracted you to Turner Rawlinson as a company?

I had previous experience of working with colleagues from Turner Rawlinson at another brokerage, so I had an insight into the culture and how I could grow within the company.

As Turner Rawlinson’s Operations Manager, what does your role involve?

Anything and everything to ensure the smooth running of the business. In addition to having my own client portfolio, I also oversee the accounts, compliance and regulatory reporting and I manage colleagues, as well as performing my Company Secretary duties.

What key skills do you bring to your role?

My ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a key strength that I bring to my role, as well as my strong communication skills, good work ethic and loyalty - I work well under pressure, which is a necessity in our ever-evolving industry.

Since joining Turner Rawlinson, what has been your biggest achievement?

Building strong relationships with clients who trust my judgement. I also worked my way up within the company to achieve my current position, and I am constantly evolving to suit the ever-changing working environment, which I take pride in.

What do you enjoy most about your job role?

No two days are the same, and I thrive on communicating with our clients to ensure their needs are being met. I also enjoy working with like-minded people who share the same vision for our company.

How would you describe the culture at Turner Rawlinson?

It’s a relaxed environment that is enjoyable, but always professional at all times - we have achieved a nice blend and we work well as a team to achieve the best results for everyone.

What are you passionate about?

Working to the best of my abilities at all times - I am also heavily involved in charity work and I am passionate about playing my part in making positive changes in the world.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I enjoy socialising with friends and family, and I also enjoy gardening and volunteering as a befriender for Age UK.

What can clients expect to see from Turner Rawlinson over the next year?

More of the same, only bigger, better and bolder!


020 8450 5336

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