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Stepping into the breach for online and printed media company


Turner Rawlinson was asked to step in and help when a client acquired part of a larger business and found their existing broker was not prepared to act for them as the business was too small.


The acquisition of the online and printed media company happened very quickly and there was very little time to act. Always up for a challenge, Turner Rawlinson took the helm and successfully managed to place all the required covers within a short space of time, securing terms with which the client was very happy.

Since then, the client has made further complex acquisitions and we have been able to dovetail insurance cover into their existing programme, extending it to include other companies in the group.

We are always happy to arrange insurance for any size of business, large or small, from sole trader and SME right up to major international blue chip. With 40 years’ experience in the insurance arena, we not only have the know-how and expertise to make sure you are adequately covered, but also the contacts within the business to secure optimum terms. In addition, we constantly monitor emerging risks on the fast-moving global stage, along with the latest compliance requirements, and will always ensure you have the necessary liabilities in place.

As this story illustrates, businesses often start small and grow rapidly. We are happy to accompany you along the journey, building up knowledge of your business and adapting cover to meet your changing needs as you grow. With Turner Rawlinson, you can be sure we’re in it for the long haul!

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