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Major fire at Michelin starred restaurant


An appropriate pay out was made after a fire at a flagship Michelin-starred restaurant, enabling it to re-open ahead of schedule, thanks to Turner Rawlinson’s help.


The story began some fourteen months earlier, when the client, who ran a Michelin starred restaurant, along with other properties, decided their previous broker was becoming too expensive and was looking to change.

Turner Rawlinson was appointed and, on taking a closer look at the client’s portfolio, which included a number of properties and companies at varying locations, we found each was covered by a different policy, from a different insurer, with a different renewal date, posing something of an administrative horror.

We worked with the client over a six-month period, eventually bringing everything within the group into one portfolio, covered by one commercial policy and one management liability policy. This not only provided wider cover but also significant cost savings.

Just ten months after achieving this, the client suffered a substantial fire at their flagship Michelin-starred restaurant. Working closely with the insurers, loss adjusters and assessors, we successfully secured an initial payment on account of £1m within one month, followed by a further payment of £1.75m within four months. This enabled the restaurant to reopen ahead of time, minimising losses for the insurer and, most importantly, the client.

The moral of this story is not only to organise all your policies under one umbrella, but also to ensure you have adequate cover in place, arranged by a broker with the capability to liaise on your behalf in the event of a claim and secure a satisfactory pay out.

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