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Saving costs for a High Net Worth Property Investor


Sometimes it pays to have all your eggs in one basket, especially if you’re talking insurance policies, as it potentially saves you money and provides better cover.


As a rule, Turner Rawlinson advises you keep all your insurance policies in one portfolio, with one premium to pay and one renewal date. It’s more convenient, easier to organise and generally results in cost savings with wider cover.

One of our High Net Worth clients is a Property Investor who lives in Monaco, with homes and investment properties across the UK, Monaco, Ibiza and the USA. Initially, when appointed, we found all the client’s properties were with different insurers, with varying renewal dates, making it unnecessarily time-intensive and difficult to organise.

Over a short period of time, we were able to work with the client, synchronising all the policies under one renewal date and, where possible, using one insurer or the local representative of that insurer. Overall, the new arrangement enabled us to make a substantial saving of around £xxx in premiums, and making considerable time and administration savings for the client.

Whatever the nature of your property portfolio, whether it contains investment properties, holiday homes, your second or primary residence, and modern, period or listed buildings, we can arrange bespoke cover, ensuring your High Net Worth assets are covered against all insurable risks, with minimum hassle. Our role is to ensure you enjoy total peace of mind, knowing you have adequate cover inplace and are dealing with a broker with specialist knowledge and experience of the international property market.

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