Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance: A man pointing to where someone should sign a document.

Protection against commercial bad debts whilst growing your business.

If you trade on credit terms with other businesses, a Trade Credit policy will protect your largest unsecured asset, your accounts receivables, whilst credit checking new and existing clients. Most policies will also cover your collection and legal costs too.

Trade Credit Insurance is suitable for a variety of business sizes and industry types, whether you are an SME trading domestically or a large multi-national.

Why use a broker?

Turner Rawlinson has access to all of the market leading insurers and products. We have the expertise to help interpret and structure a policy that is suitable for your business. We will also:

  • Examine all options available to ensure value for money
  • Explain the policy terms and conditions
  • Act on your behalf in claim negotiations and policy changes 

For further information on using an insurance broker, click here